Moonshine bend

Maja Založnik, represents that voice on the Slovenian music scene, where you persist and convince you to listen. Maja is certainly not a flush of the day. In the Slovenian musical pool, she belongs to the category of those Slovenian performers whose interpretations of various musical genres leave them far from cold. As a musician she developed her technique of singing, expression and performance at various stages, first with the help of the experiences gathered during the participation in various television projects, among them Karaoke, Popstars, Slovenia has Talent , the Mission Eurovision and later The Voice of Germany. Each walkway was motivation for the future. And auditions gave her even more impetus to insist in the world of music and live her dreams. This decision proved to be correct, since today with its characteristic, performance and approach to music and attractive retro look on the stage, Maja attracts a lot of attention on the domestic music scene - also the attention of various Slovenian performers. When you combine good energy, the desire for quality music and concerts, and a bit of sense for team work - then you are on the right track to good results. This equation of the above was given a new result, now called Moonshine. In May 2014, Kosta and Maja combined all elements of the equation - the desire to play concerts, to play and create new music together. They invited other parameters the other members of the band to participate and to join new journey they started. For many years band Moonshine have been working on pop, soul, rock, blues and funk musical genres. They recorded a promo video, where you can hear and see their music orientation and their energy. They performed together at various stages in Slovenia, Serbia and Austria. They are very happy to attract people under the stage with being energetic and enjoying. They also recorded and released some of their own songs, in 2015, the song "You are my life", which later got a video overlay; and a new song released in May 2018 "Smejem se"; for which the video was recorded in August, all this under the arms of Dallas Records Slovenia.

Kosta Madjarevic

Kosta Madjarevic, is born on 8th of January 1972 in Novi Sad, he participatetd in different festivals abroad: from ITALY – Udine Ethno Jazz Festival 2008 and 2009,CROATIA – Zagreb Concert KSET    Tvornica 2007, 2008, 2009; CROATIA – Rijeka, Stereo Club 2008, GREECE – Athens (various clubs 1997,1998,1999), SERBIA – Beer Fest Belgrade 2009, BOSNIA Sarajevo, Bijeljina, Mostar (2008,2009,2010), MONTENEGRO – Podgorica, Budva, Kotor(various clubs 2009, 2010), to SLOVENIA in 2015; he was a bass player on Royal Caribbean cruises on march 2011 until September 2011, now he is bass player in various bands from 2011 - 2016. He cooperates with Dukeland, Amateri, Steam, The Gift, Branimir i nepirjatelji, Vladimir Stankovic quartet, Ana Perišic band, Mrs. May, Studio Alektik with Petar Jelic and at the moment he is an active bass player with Maja Zaloznik & Moonshine...

Milos Marceta

Milos Marceta, born on 9th of October 1988 in Bačka Palanka. He is a professor of solfeggio and music culture, he attended the secondary music school "Isidor Bajic" and "Art Academy" in Novi Sad. He is vocal coach in CTKU "Kosta Abrašević", a teacher in elementary music school "Stevan Hristić" in Backa Palanka, and the coach at the school for electric guitar "Presence". He has collaborated with groups: "Ignis", "Paket Aranžman", "Vožd", "Ruke u vis", "GoF", ''Armagedon''. He participated also on different festivals, one of was Festival Exit in Novi Sad. He is also composer for movies and ambient music. At the moment he is an active member and pianist with Maja Založnik and Moonshine.

Nebojsa Vucenovic

Nebojša Vučenović was born in 1980 in the town of Sremska Mitrovica. He grew up in Novi Sad, where he also finished his schooling. He has been playing the drums since the age of ten. Since the age of 14 he attended the private music school, which was established and ran by a certified drummer, one of the most renowned figures in this region of the world during the 70’s and 80’s of 1900’s – Vladimir Furdulj Fruda, the drummer of the band “Korni Group”. Further, at 15 Nebojša begins his first serious work with one of the most Avant-guard musicians of the time Goran Ivičić Tuksha. They had a few live performances of Tukshas 1995 album called “Ne znam da li je ovo tačno”. Two years later he gets involved in authorial punk/rock band, but just two years later his friend and him started the cover band “Steam”. His involvement with “Steam” lasted for two years and in 2010 he joined up with the most popular cover bend in Serbia “Osmi dan”. With this band he had an average of one hundred performances a year. In the meanwhile they created a parallel project called “The Prodigy Real Tribute” which performed at many festivals in the country and abroad. One of the more significant performances of this tribute band was the appearance at the Belgrade Beerfest 2012 in front of an audience of about 120,000 people. Two years later he starts working at a private music school, where he works to this day in the drums and percussion department. That same year he starts working with the author of contemporary gospel music Darijo Šehić. In 2016 he joins Moonshine band and he intensively follows the Slovenian singer and songwriter Maja Založnik.

Maja Zaloznik

Maja Založnik is a Slovenian singer. She is well known on the domestic music scene for her powerful voice and excellent stage presence. Her interpretations of different music styles leave no one cold. Maja was part in many Slovenian TV shows, such as Hri-Bar, Popstars, Slovenia's got talent, Misija Evrovizija… Experiences from these shows and other auditions gave her confidence a big boost and convinced her to persist in world of music and fight for her dreams.   Maja’s distinctive appearance, her approach to music and attractive retro look on stage attracted much attention on the domestic music scene, including the attention of other Slovenian artists. Maja was invited by Slovenian singers Gal and Severa Gjurin to collaborate with them on the popular unplugged live show Izštekani, which is broadcast by the Slovenian national radio. Needless to say their performance got excellent reviews. In Slovenia, we could hear Majo in the Luminodoche group, recorded a CD ''Tobogan'', we heard her also with with Sweet Peak - they also recorded an excellent video for the song "Le Croissant".   Maja is very proud to be writing and recording her own songs. She recorded a song called “Sweet Sugar Honey”, which she co-authored with pianist/singer Uroš Perić - Perry. In 2013 she began collaborating with the band Papas. Their first single “Vzemi, vse ti dam” became a hit in Slovenia.   In 2014 Maja took part in the 4th season of The Voice of Germany. She made it through the blind audition where Samu Haber, the front man of the Finnish band Sunrise Avenue, chose her to be part of his team. She won her first battle against another talented singer, Floriana, where she impressed everyone with her interpretation of Maroon 5’s “Maps”.She joined Samu in Helsinki where she met the rest of his band and performed with them in the club “On the Rocks”. Unfortunately she didn’t make it through the knockout stage to the live shows, but her interpretation of Etta James’ “I just want to make love to you” was praised by all the coaches and the German audience.   In July 2015 started Maja working and singing with her new band Moonshine from Serbia. They released their single ''You are my life'' in November and two years later they recorded video for the song. In 2016 she was invited to record three songs with band The Wanted 4. They recorded ''I want to fly'', ''Who is eagle now'', and ''I need rain'' for wich they recorded video.

Saba Safić

Saba was born on 22. 12. 1995 in Ljubljana (Slovenia). First she graduated from a classical flute on a primary music school. Then she started with saxophone, first alto, later on tenor and soprano. After graduating musical high school in Ljubljana and gymnasium in Litija, she attended to private lessons of jazz saxophone with prof. Adam Klemm. Saba is an artist with attitude and a good sound. She is building journey of being a professional musician so she applied for entrance exam on Academy of Music and Teathre in Klagenfurt (Austria). She is now successfully studying on jazz department with prof. Michael Erian and also taking a classical lessons from prof. Hannes Kawrza. Saba has been on musical scene from her childhood and has collaborated with many saxophonists such as Don Menza, Melissa Aldana, Jure Pukl, Gary Bartz, Gilad Atzmon, Lenart Krečič and many other great musicians. She is currently participating in 5 different musical groups and is also teaching her students on a privat music school. She is actively involved in the Maja Založnik Moonshine project, with which they create their own music and perform in Slovenia and abroad.

Dejan Ognjanovac

Dejan plays his guitar since he was 10.He didn't attend any music school,everything he knows he learned by himself.With his will and a lot of practice he made progress. As a kid he played in different bands,and when he improved his guitar skills he joined the band Groove Up. He was in the band for 5 years,when he had to quit,because his work. He is a part of project Moonshine since 2016,and still is an active member.

Stefan Popovic

Stefan is a good technical worker with many years of experience in production and studio. As a passionate drummer with a large number of performances, he shows excellent results as a tracking monitoring technique where, in order to understand the needs of the musicians on the stage, he can provide exactly what they need. At any moment, he is aware of the exceptional importance of making the sound on the stage for a group to be at the highest level. For the same reason, we can say that communication with musicians is at the highest level in the work, respect and understanding of their situation. As an FOH engineer, he demonstrates high professionalism and understanding of the needs of the organizer of the program and the audience itself. Standards and approaches are easily adapted to the current circumstances that dictate a range of events, space, equipment, performers and the audience, making it highly competent in various conditions. In the band Moonshine, he sees his place as a longtime associate and friend of his members, feels like a part of a happy family, and therefore gives enviable results and a clear personal mark in the final production of the sounds of the band. He often says: "This work is ideal for me, it does not need more effort than breathing, so I want to live".